You do not have to own a boat or yacht in order to enjoy what the sea has to offer.

It can be quite a hassle to pay and deal with maintenance issues as well as fees. If you want to enjoy the peace that the blue waters of Miami, Florida offer without dealing with the accompanying stress that boat owners have to face, then it may be a good idea to consider boat charters.

About Boat and Yacht Charters
Since Miami, Florida is synonymous with beautiful waters, it is quite easy for you to get a boat of some kind to sail in those waters. Leading companies in the business of boat rentals, tend to provide sea vessels as small as kayaks and canoes, to bigger crewed boats and yachts. Some even rent out boathouses if you prefer to live by the water for a while. The choices for you are therefore endless.

Many boats being rented out are offered at hourly, daily, and weekly rates. The time you have to spend on the waters, as well as your budget, will determine the kind of sea vessel you get and the time you have to enjoy it.

2015 43 Midnight Express

Location: Pompano Beach
Length: 43ft
Base Rate: $4,600

Sunseeker Manhattan 56

Location: Fort Lauderdale
Length: 60ft
Base Rate: $1,699

Viking Princess V70

Location: Miami
Length: 70ft
Base Rate: $3,869

Westport 112

Location: Miami
Length: 112ft
Base Rate: $13,559

Lazzara LSX 75

Location: Miami
Length: 75ft
Base Rate: $4,400

Sea Ray Sundancer 55

Location: Miami
Length: 55ft
Base Rate: $2,459

Sunseeker Predator 75

Location: Miami
Length: 75ft
Base Rate: $3,000

Ferretti Custom Line 94

Location: Miami
Length: 94ft
Base Rate: $6,399

Leopard 106

Location: Miami
Length: 106ft
Base Rate: $9,979

Lazzara 84

Location: Miami
Length: 84ft
Base Rate: $5,399

Azimut 102

Location: Miami
Length: 102ft
Base Rate: $6,399

Rodriguez Catamaran 62

Location: Miami
Length: 62ft
Base Rate: $2,899

Azimut Grande 116

Location: Miami
Length: 116ft
Base Rate: $16,499

Sunseeker Manhattan 75

Location: Miami
Length: 75ft
Base Rate: $3,100