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Yacht Charter For Vegetarians & Vegans

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yacht charter dinning

yacht charter dinningThere’s no denying that vegetarian and vegan menus have some of the most difficult dishes to create. Highly-sought and requested in the luxury charter industry, it is imperative for us to have every aspect, for every person to enjoy and surpass a five-star dining experience. If anything, a majority of the of the charter guest have special request; weather it would be allergies, preferences to food types or being a vegetarian. For this reason, a good number of professional charter yacht chefs are ordinarily well-versed and skilled in preparing exclusive vegan/vegetarian meal options for those in a traveling party who happen to be vegans or vegetarians. As it happens in most occasions, all guests in a traveling party will be offered both an optional vegetarian menu accompanied by a standard one. This way, vegetarian or vegans won’t feel alienated or singled out in the overall ultimate luxury yacht dining experience. In fact, most charter boats even accommodate raw-food vegans and those who live singly on macrobiotic diets.


Technically, all menus aboard a luxury charter are crafted based on the traveler’s preferences. In other words, no charter boat has a specific, rigid ‘standard menu’ meant for all guest aboard. A fixed menu would rob the guests aboard the exclusivity of customizing their well-earned luxury trip as they find suitable. Instead, such meal served aboard such ultra-expensive voyages is tailored to complement the guest’s likes and dietary needs. Everyone expected to be in the party is given a chance to speak to the chef before the voyage if they want to discuss the details of their preferred menus. As such, before your charter begins, you will be requested to complete a menu preference sheet. Just like the name suggests, this form tells your chef what you dislike or like and also any dietary restrictions you might have.


As expected of professionally-trained chefs, the average luxury charter chef is familiar with almost everything under the sun. From gluten-free menus to macrobiotic options and raw-food vegan dishes. Others are even well-schooled in rare alternatives such as lactose-free meals, southern BBQ or even fancy French vegetarian-style cuisines. Therefore, going by the preference sheet that you will fill prior to boarding the boat, the chef will tailor a sample menu and discuss it with you beforehand. That being said, it can be fine-tuned later in the course of the charter depending on your newly acquired tastes or experiences.


Apart from that, most charter yacht chefs are also very skilled in satisfying a broad range of diversified preferences among a group of revelers. For example, if your party has six meat-eaters, two vegans, and three vegetarians, the chef can craft a menu that satisfies all three types of eaters in every meal served aboard the boat. In larger vessels, professional yacht chefs often offer a comprehensive menu with both options during all meal times, whether it is dinner, lunch or breakfast. Having two choices, which are essentially based on the collective preferences of every guest in the traveling party, allows everybody to sample a little of everything during the trip.


Besides the broad range of vegetarian and vegan charter menus, boats will also serve an assortment of kids-friendly servings to accompany those meant for grown-ups if there are any children aboard.