Yacht Safety

The Do’s & Don’ts To Stay Safe At Sea This Summer

By March 31, 2015 No Comments

Finally, the long awaited summer is here with us. And there’s arguably no better time to go out for a cruise or luxury yacht rental than during the upcoming summer months. A perfectly cloudless azure sky, an expansive sea ahead and endless miles of white sandy beaches. In short, the ultimate vacation mood. Nonetheless, summer is also accompanied by an almost deathly heat stroke in most parts of the world. This implies that in as much as you should be having fun, you also ought to take precautions to stay safe, healthy and alive when out in the sea. Here is a quick primer on some of the do’s and don’ts as far this goes.

Do Dress for the Occasion

As much as you’ll be out in the water, you’ll also be outside for a better part of the day. This means two things; one, you have to dress appropriately to minimize the chances of suffering from sunburn, heat strokes or getting dehydrated. This includes, but not limited to, wearing water shoes, sunglasses, a loose t-shirt and a hat. The hat and the sunglasses, in particular, will do an excellent job in keeping direct sunlight from your eyes, thereby keeping cataracts at bay.

Second, if you’re accompanied by any small children below 12, then you should also keep an eye on how much time that they spend while exposed to direct sunlight. Children are more susceptible to heat strokes accidents than adults.

Do Wear Ample Sunscreen

This is something that most luxury yacht revelers tend to overlook. And it is not just regular sunscreen; your sunscreen ought to waterproof too. As for the application, ensure that you apply the sunscreen at least 30 minutes before stepping out of the boat to allow it to cover all your pores amply. Carry some with you too and ensure that you re-apply it at least every 80 minutes as long as you’ll constantly in water. Remember to reapply the sunscreen too if you happen to rinse or dry yourself off with a towel in the course of the day. Still, on this, it is worth noting that the FDA does recommend using a lip balm with SPF of above 15 whenever you’re outdoors in the glaring sun.

Do Stay Hydrated

The human body is at least 70% water; it is easy to forget to top up regularly when out in the sea. Nonetheless, contrary to what most people realize, being out in the sea for endless hours at a go dehydrates your body relatively quickly than you realize. Nothing is quite as harsh to the skin as the combination of saline air and scorching heat. So, aside from gulping down copious amounts of water, avoid any caffeinated drinks, sodas or alcoholic beverages or over-sweetened juice. The mentioned beverages will only contribute immensely to your dehydration instead of actually helping you conserve your body fluids.

Wear a Life Vest

You might be an Olympic swimmer or a seasoned surfer with several medals under your belt, but a life vest should always be a necessary accompaniment when venturing out into the sea. Reason being; the open sea is as unpredictable as it is vast. Hence, a life vest could be key to saving your life during some of those unexpected moments. And this point ought to apply mostly to children, who are at naturally at a higher risk of accidental drowning. They should also be under on an around-the-clock adult supervision.

Avoid Overexposure and Pushing the Limits

Having a summer tan is attractive, but that doesn’t mean that spend the whole day roasting in the sun. There’s also a few circumstances that could turn out to be dangerous if not checked, especially if you have small children onboard. For instance, don’t let the kids get too tired and neither should they venture too far from the yacht or become too exposed to the sun. Let them occasional breaks from heat by seeking refuge in a cool shade as long as they out on the beach.

Do Learn How to Swim

Other than a life vest, knowing how to swim can mean the difference between life and death in the event of an accident while out the sea. And you don’t necessary need to be a skilled competitive swimmer such as the likes of Michael Phelps and Chad Le Clos. However, you ought to at least know the basics of swimming before getting on that Canoe and paddling it away from the yacht.

Don’t Run around the Yacht

Discourage any teenagers and children aboard from running and playing around the ship particularly without the supervision of a responsible adult. Yes, it is easy for them to get caught up in the exhilaration of boarding a yacht for the first time, but it is more important to make sure that everyone is safe and dry. Running, jumping and skidding on slippery deck predisposes them to a multitude of mishaps and accidents which can also be fatal. Let them follow one cardinal rule: Don’t run, walk.

Do Pay Attention to All the Rules

Every yacht or luxury boat has a set of rules that have to be followed while aboard. Pay close attention to these and let your children internalize these. Read and understand all the posted signs on various sections of any water park or themed attraction before sending your kids out to enjoy the fun.

Watch Your Kids

Whether it is on the beach, on the boat itself, a water-park or in an infinity pool, it is imperative to keep a keen eye on your children all the time. Even if there is a lifeguard on duty, don’t delegate the safety of your kids to them entirely. Bear in mind that lifeguards are always responsible for ensuring safety over a large area and thus may miss a few things; one of which could be your child in distress. Always stay a step ahead of any possible disaster whenever you’re close to water by keeping them on a tight leash and under a watchful eye or tagging them along in a pool to ensure their safety.