Mediterranean Destination Yacht Charters

While for some, the Keys and the cunning Caribbean attract all dreams of travel… for others, the vast array of possibilities and distance draw them to the Mediterranean frontier. The four main islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera of the Balearic have always been popular destinations for a flood of thrill, party, and privacy seekers alike but with a plethora of so many other islands and inlets to explore, plus pristine anchorages and sandy beaches accessible all year round it is worth setting aside a few days or weeks of your itinerary to venture into the great albeit lesser-trodden courses. You’d be surprised what stunning locations remain locked to secrecy even to today! Why would someone reveal paradise when they find it! We have the tools to allow you to be the surveyor of the next great paradise. Not only that but we strive to make even lengthy charters affordable to those with a desire for the next level of vacationing bliss. I’m not sure any level of depression could survive in such a hospitable environment as waking up on your yacht charter in the Mediterranean! Surreal!

Culture rich destinations like Sicily and the Aeolian are famous for their beaches, secluded locations and cozy fishing villages attract charters regularly to the area. Further to the northwest, the capital Palmero provides stunning architecture and galleries with glimpses of the jagged, azure sea and more. We know the paths well and would also suggest Sardinia as it is beloved by the Yachting and jet community. Yacht charters constantly flow through these areas in Porto Cervo and Costa Smealda harboring vessels of all types. Not far from there the possibility of Corsica remains a popular second stop for trips through the area. The mountain scenery out there is absolutely incredible and I have some pictures of it from one of our very own charters on one of our anniversaries. I’d love to go back there eventually.

Who could forget the French riviera and Cote d’Azur? In 2016, this was one of the top few destinations for Mediterranean yacht charters and the extremely advanced Cote d’Azur houses the world-wide famous yachting hubs for all of Cannes, Antibes, Monaco, St Tropez, and Nice. Listen, if you are still reading then I applaud you and there is something you need to understand. There are too many incredible places to explore! One option is blindly picking any place on the Mediterranean or Caribbean map and simply going! Planning your journey and where you will explore inland is practically half of the fun of going on a vacation like this. Simply writing this out makes me want to plan my very own next adventure which is a bit overdue! By overdue, I mean a few months. These charters are addicting and if you have the means (which isn’t only for the super wealthy anymore!) then I suggest that you grab your friends, family, business or whatever else you value and set off onto the sea for an experience of a lifetime!