Travel with Entertainment on A Luxury Yacht Charter

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I always wondered what the fascination with yachts was until I voyaged in one with a group of friends and family. First things first, this trip is something that you will have to plan for months in advance. It is not only the cost that comes with chartering a yacht that should dictate your plans but the activities you want to participate in as well out in open seas.

Unlike a cruise ship vacation, a luxury yacht charter gives you the opportunity to dictate not only destinations but activities as well. Most of these activities depend on the yacht you choose since not all have the same amenities. Nonetheless, it is a magical and breathtaking experience that will give you priceless memories and have you saving in anticipation for the next voyage.

I learned about luxury yacht charter after my nerd friend spent a week at sea onboard the Octopus, a mega-yacht owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. While his trip was entirely sponsored by the company he works for, his facial glow and enthusiasm when narrating his exploits aboard this marvelous work of art was enough to get all of us dreamy. So we started looking up yachts that we could hire privately and voila, we were cruising on a luxury yacht in three months.

After settling on the yacht of choice, picking the ideal date to travel, and making the required payments, there are some things you should consider while planning your trip. These include;

• Luggage

Size may be limited onboard depending on the size of the vessel, but you can be sure to find amenities found in luxury hotels such as fine linen robes and quality toiletries. As such, leave such things at home and come ready to find everything waiting for you inside the yacht.

• Attire

Do I need to emphasize the importance of attire to somebody about to take a dream trip on a luxury yacht charter? Personally, I did not see the need to pack a lot of clothes, especially the heavy ones, since I knew I would spend most of my time either basking, swimming or participating in any other fun activity. Still, some luxury yachts offer a change of clothes for the willing.

• Camera

Any recording device comes in handy when on a luxury yacht charter. All the beauty you get to experience while on your voyage should not be for your eyes only. Apparently, some memories create on the voyage cannot be easily erased but be sure to bring something to capture beautiful moments such as sunsets in open sea, creatures inside the water or a fun day by the spa.

A luxury yacht charter does not ask for much from your end, if anything, they are there to make sure that you enjoy your time away from busy work schedule by offering a relaxing environment. As such, you can be sure to expect fun activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, and even wakeboarding just to mention a few.

My voyage was made so memorable by the captain and crew aboard our luxury yacht since they always offered tips on the most scenic beaches and quickest anchorages. Their tips plus the activities we had planned, made it a trip to remember for the rest of our lives. You can be sure to taste the most delicious foods and enjoy the following (not limited to the list below) amenities and services. • A beach club

My favorite part of our luxury yacht was the transom, the rear of the yacht. When at the shore, this part is used for easy boarding, however, when out in the open waters there is a retractable ladder that makes swimming in the ocean and returning to the yacht much easier. Rumor has it that crews started placing cushions on the swimming platform and it didn’t take long before designers put lounges and clubs on the same area.

Our yacht had an open air club with a complete bar, comfortable seats, and state of the art entertainment systems. You will not move an inch on a sunny afternoon when in this particular area of the luxury yacht charter.

• Spa

I came to learn that most luxury yachts have this feature in the beach club area. However, ours (and some others) had the spa located on the upper deck making watching the beautiful sunset a marvelous spectacle. The spa is among the most delightful places on a luxury yacht charter, and you can be sure to capture beautiful memories on the upper deck of the yacht with friends and loved ones around this area.

• Gymnasium

If my gym instructor wasn’t as strict and my adherence to my workout routine as stringent, I wouldn’t care if a luxury yacht had a gymnasium. However, the gourmet cuisine served in chartered luxury yachts coupled with the fact that exercising should be a daily routine made me spend some time at the gym every day. The treadmill and stationary bike were located at the beach club, so after our last exercise, we would jump directly into the water.

• Sauna

Of all the things I was expecting in a yacht, a sauna was at the bottom of the list. Maybe because I figured it was sunny and we were going to the open sea, so why would anybody need a sauna. It wasn’t until I entered one that I realized the ones in luxury yachts offer an entirely different experience.

Often referred to as hammams or Turkish baths, saunas are located in a dedicated cabin with a few yachts having them in master suites. Saunas are an incredible way to soothe your muscles and relax your body after hours out at sea.

• Sun Pads

If the beach club, sauna, or swimming pool does not offer enough relaxation, try the sun pads distributed across every luxury yacht. The good thing about these pads is they are everywhere, so you can sun bask in the morning on one end of the yacht and relax in the evening on another while enjoying a cold beverage. Hell, you can even have a massage on these sun pads since most luxury yachts have portable massage tables as well as a massage room.

These are not the only things you get to enjoy on a luxury yacht charter; I also enjoyed salon services indulged in some activities suggested by the crew. If you are afraid of swimming in open seas (Lord knows most of us are after watching Jaws) find a luxury yacht with a swimming pool. Most have either paddling pools or lap pools, but infinity pools are getting more popular by the day.