If you’re interested in renting a chartered yacht, you’ll find that our established, Fort Lauderdale, USA-based company offers world-class services for truly competitive prices. We are proud to provide the sort of caring, personalized service that discerning clients look for (and deserve!), as well as a magnificent fleet of immaculate, seaworthy and well-appointed luxury yachts.

To help you learn more about our yacht charter rental options, we’ve created a handy quick guide. If you have questions about these services, please reach out to us today. We are standing by in order to give you the answers and advice that you need…

What We Offer to You in Fort Lauderdale

Our vessels cruise the scenic waterways of Florida and the Bahamas. To serve you better, we provide a range of yacht charter rental services, one of which is bound to be perfect for your needs.

One option is an Instructional Charter, which will allow you to master the tasks of operating your yacht. When you develop new skills, you’ll feel empowered and this feeling of empowerment will add incredible richness and dimension to your travel experience. Naturally, you’ll still have time to relax and to explore glorious ports of call!

Choose from a Caribbean or Floridian holiday and prepare to become a capable captain as you explore the world on your chartered yacht.

For those who prefer a non-instructional experience, a series of exciting motor yachts are available for rental. These vessels allow for more speed and more adrenaline and they are definitely a wonderful (and totally modern) way to explore the high seas.

If a classic sailing yacht is more your style, you’ll find that we provide some gorgeous vessels. The Caribbean will be the perfect destination for smooth sailing. However, you may rent this type of sailing yacht for a Florida getaway, too!

In addition, we are pleased to offer Adventure Charters, which will allow you and your guests to access out-of-the-way locales which are definitely off of the beaten track. Our yachts will be specially equipped with what you will need in order to remain totally comfortable and content as you explore.

Lastly, we offer rental yachts for special events, such as weddings, parties and honeymoons. Our vessels may rest in local marinas or cruise to exotic ports of call. It’s all about catering to you and your needs.

You deserve a perfect holiday which is literally a dream come true. When you choose our company today, we’ll plan your experience down to the last detail and your yacht will exceed your every expectation.