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Baltic Sea Cruise Or Luxury Yacht Charter To Italy

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Cruise through the Delightful Baltic Web or Yacht to Italy in Luxury? Here’s why Each of Them Stands Out: Baltic. Italy. Two words that represent the same facet of opposing realms in the luxury cruises & yacht world. Whereas Italy offers an unparalleled iconic beauty and historical architectural masterpieces, the Baltic is the exact opposite – a vast, sprawling stretch dotted with eight imperial cities that are a result of rich culture fusing with modernity. Italy might be home to the impressive Michelangelo’s David, but the Baltic has the majestic Stockholm Archipelago to offer. So, where should one set their sails to? Which one should one experience first? A Luxury cruise to Italy or testing the waters of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe? Well, let’s see.

baltic sea A Baltic Sea Cruise

Cruising in the Baltic means trans-versing eight wondrous and fascinating cities scattered across seven different countries. In other words, if your goal is to add at least seven new countries in your tourist’s inventory or to tick seven European nations off your bucket list, then this cruise is for you. Starting with Stockholm in Denmark although Gdynia all the way to Copenhagen in the Netherlands, a comprehensive Baltic cruise will typically cross through landmarks such as St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Helsinki, Klaipeda, Bornholm, and, of course, not forgetting the magical Gydnia.

As usual, most cruise lines will insist on spending at least two days combing through the sights and sounds of St. Petersburg – one of Europe’s most vibrant cities before navigating through the azure waters towards Hermitage. If you have been here before, it would be advisable to strive to catch a glimpse of the art museum an hour before it opens its doors to the general public. This way, it will be easier to walk through the imposing mausoleum and awe at the sheer majesty of this behemoth structure without bumping into crowds of people.

After this, a detour through the stunningly beautiful Stockholm archipelago should take quench your sailing thirst before connecting with Tallinn. For those who have been to Northern Europe before, Tallin is more or less a historical hub that bears hundreds of years of medieval civilization. In fact, this is almost palpable as you walk down the town’s pedestrian streets.

The next phase of a luxury cruise through the Baltic will not miss a kayaking stint in the magnificent Finnish Archipelago. With the sun on your face and the wind ruffling down your sails, you will paddle through an archipelago teeming with abundant marine and biological life. This trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the phenomenal Stone Church in the outskirts of Helsinki. Apparently, it was carved in stone during the middle ages.

A good way to wind down your Baltic Sea tour would be by enjoying an episode of interesting folkloric sculptures on Klaipeda’s Witches Hill. This is before you learn about the chilling history of a World War 2 concentration camp in Stuthof, Gdansk. Speaking of which, it is important to note that this one was the last to be liberated during the war. Before setting your sails towards Copenhagen, sampling a taste of Bornholm’s finest smoked herrings will be a deliciously welcome treat.

italy yachtsLuxury Yacht Charter to Italy

Italy has arguably the highest number of iconic historical works that any other nation in the Mediterranean. Not only is it home to the legendary Sistine Chapel and the ancient Michelangelo’s David, but it is also home to two of the world’s most revered and beloved cities. A luxury cruise to Italy will guide you to the doorstep of Venice and Rome and have a chance to feel the sands of time on the world-famous Amalfi coast. And that’s not all, Italy has an array of world-class cruise ports including Cinque Terre, Tuscany inland and Florence.

Apart from being a major tourist hub by itself, Italy is also the central hub of all premier Western Mediterranean cruises. In fact, together with Barcelona in Spain, Rome is the next biggest major embarkation point if you’re looking to dare the Mediterranean. And if you’re wondering how a typical cruise to Italy looks like, here is a quick preview:

Ordinarily, a luxury voyage in the Western Mediterranean will kick off in Barcelona to Rome, and it could take as long as 11 nights. Most probably, you will spend the first three nights circling Tuscany before embarking on serious sightseeing missions in the awe-inspiring Lucca, and without forgetting, the Ligurian Riviera.

The stretch of the sea between Rome and Barcelona including the French Riviera is characteristically interspersed with historical monuments as you move from port to port. For instance, Florence offers cruisers a nice break from the sea with the gorgeous Boboli Gardens. These Gardens are part of the larger Pitti Palace. In a similar manner, the Port of Villefranche has the gently rolling hills of Nice to boast. An hour spent hiking here before catching the next cruise leg to Naples is nothing short of therapeutic.

On the other hand, Naples should be thrilling for a first-timer. A tour of Pompeii in the heart of Naples where the famous pizzerias are made, for instance, should be a tasty treat for any pizza-loving globetrotter. In Palma de Mallorca, just after leaving Naples, you will be accosted by the expansive Valdemossa. This is a serene, peaceful and quaint historical village that sits in the midst of imposing mountains and valleys. Anyone who has been on the high seas for days at-a-go will enjoy a fleeting day or two in this paradisal isle of peace.

mediterranean map of baltic and italyThe Bottom Line

As you can see a vacation package in either of the two cruises is well-worth the price. Depending on your personal interests and preferences, a holiday to either of the two should be inspiring and fun-filled enough in case you’re looking for a break from your repetitive and hectic everyday schedule. The only difference is that each of these cruises is characterized by equally impressive but entirely different highlights. Whereas you will have the chance to tour at least eight Northern Europe cities in a Baltic Sea tour, yachting to Italy will bring some of the most sought-after Mediterranean hotspots at your feet. These include Genoa, Messina, Napoli, Marseille and La Goulette.

top yachts for sale and charter

Top Amazing Luxury Yacht’s

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Luxury yachts are conducive of the wealthiest individuals in the world; it is synonymous with the elite and a floating status symbol in the water. Yachts first began to appear in the open sea in the early 20th century, when wealthy people began to commission yacht builders to build luxury yachts for their own private use and luxury yacht charters. What once were simple vessels on the water have now become a status symbol for the wealthy to showcase their own private styles.

Top yachts for sale and charter include the following:

1. The Alexander- 122M- The Alexander was truly built for families and or corporate parties. This yacht is full of exciting entertainment options such 27 seat cinema, children’s playhouse, and a long list of options. It boasts the ability to sleep a maximum of 80 guests in the 40 cabins that it houses. It was originally built in 1965 by Lubecker Flender Werke and has a current price tag of EUR 35,000,000
122 meter Alexandra yacht

2. Northern Star-75M- The Northern Star was built by Lurssen Yachts in 2009. This yacht boasts the ultimate luxury and displays timeless styling, beautiful furnishings, and an elegant ambiance. Amenities on this boat include; Gym, Jacuzzi, Helicopter landing pad, tender garage, and swimming platform. If you are looking for a mega yacht that introduces immense outdoor spaces and al fresco dining then look no further, all you need is an extra 115,000,000 € to buy her.

Blue Northern Star yacht at cruise

3. Event- 61M- This stunning mega yacht was built by Amels in 2013. Events radically modern design has an outstanding build quality and is very impressive with modern amenities. It truly displays unrivaled luxury at every turn. The Event quality of build was beyond reproach. It is a must see for those who are looking at a modern luxury mega yacht. Event is truly a value buy for £50,060,589.

Yacht named Event 61m

4. Siren- 73M-Built by Nobiskrug, Germany in 2008, Siren comprises of a massive exterior that reflects the owner’s wish for modern design. Exterior spaces are truly made with guest activities in mind, this boat was built to entertain. Included in this are open spaces, free flowing quarters, sophistication, ornate and meticulous furnishings, and a cohesive ambiance for those who are looking to own a mega yacht that combines elegance and well balanced superstructure. She is fully equipped with 6 staterooms and can comfortably fit 14 guests on board plus crew members. With a price of 59 950 000 € it could be in your backyard.

Yacht charter Siren at anchor

5. I Dynasty-60M- I Dynasty was built by luxury yacht builder Benetti in 2008. I Dynasty has had only private family use since her delivery, and has around 2,500 hours on her main engines. This yacht includes the following; private elevator, gymnasium, sun deck, sauna, Jacuzzi, heli-pad, tender garage, and swim platform. The I Dynasty impressive leisure and entertainment facilities make here the ideal yacht for socializing and entertaining with family and friends. With a price tag of EURO 36.000.000 this yacht boasts it all for a reasonable price.

60m I-Dynasty stern view

Miami yacht rental

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Miami Yacht Rental Experience

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Booking a Miami yacht charter is a great way to explore the waters around Biscayne Bay, South Beach and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s your first time reserving a Miami yacht rental or you’ve been on yachting trips around South Florida before, there are several things you can do to make the most of your getaway.

1. Map Out Your Itinerary

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer to the Miami waters or an experienced boater looking for a new adventure, take some time to map out an itinerary that you will never forget. Consider planning your trip around sundown to catch the beautiful sunset, or coordinate a nighttime trip where you can watch the moon rise around Biscayne Bay. Consider hotspots such as the Venetian Islands or Star Island, or just travel around Biscayne National Park and Elliott Key. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, take full advantage of the kayaking, snorkeling and nature hiking opportunities around the parks and islands.

2. Pack a Few Snacks

Admire the sunset, watch the dolphins play or just snap a few great photos of the shoreline on a multi-hour boating trip around Miami. Since you’ll be on the water for several hours with your Miami yacht rental, make sure you pack a few snacks for the trip. Granola bars, wraps, sandwiches, chips and candy are a few convenient options to pack in a cooler bag or tote. If you plan on docking near a beach, you could even pack a complete picnic meal for yourself and your guests.

3. Limit or Eliminate Alcohol

Whether you’re in charge of steering your Miami yacht rental around the waters or are just riding along, alcohol can affect your ability to fully enjoy the experience and can increase the risk of an accident on board. Make your boat an alcohol-free zone and stick with water, juice and other non-alcoholic beverages to stay hydrated during your trip. If you are planning on serving or enjoying alcoholic beverages, be mindful of the amount you drink. Most importantly, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and intoxication en route.

4. Bring Sunscreen and Shades

Whether you plan on spending more time on your Miami yacht rental or on the beach, make sure you’re protecting your skin from the elements and are dressing appropriately. The hot Florida sun doesn’t have to cause a serious case of sunburn or other problems. Layer on the sunscreen and bring your best pair of sunglasses for extra protection. Stick with light colors and lightweight clothing, and include a change of clothes if you plan on wearing a bathing suit or shorts for most of the trip.

5. Screen for Local Events

Miami plays host to numerous festivals, celebrations and special events throughout the year. Whether you’re planning a Miami yacht charter trip over the Fourth of July weekend or during the holiday season, you can dock the boat at a local marina to enjoy some festivities along the way. This is a great way to meet people in the area and enjoy fireworks shows and other events from the water.

Plan an unforgettable South Florida getaway with a customized Miami yacht rental experience.

Yacht Safety 101

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Whether you’re planning to charter a yacht or buy one yourself, you need to know that yacht safety is extremely important. Once you’ve paid attention to yacht safety, you’ll be properly prepared and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the beauty and functionality of your vessel. We are here to help you get a handle on yacht safety.

Life Jackets Matter

First off, you should know that you’ll need a life jacket and that each passenger and crew member will also need his or her own life jacket. Chartered yachts may be pre-equipped with a range of life jackets. However, this is something that you should inquire about before finalizing any type of yacht charter arrangement. Each life jacket should be approved for usage by your country’s governing body.

We recommend Type 1 life jackets for yachting enthusiasts. These work well, as they keep heads out of the waves, even when men, women and children aren’t conscious. Any offshore adventures should never be carried out without these types of life jackets on-board. Naturally, they will need to be worn in order to be effective, so be certain that you wear yours and make sure that others do the same.

When safety is forgotten, problems may arise. It’s important to be disciplined about yacht safety.

Look for life jackets which aren’t too bulky and which allow for optimal range of movement. There are many styles of this type available. The more comfortable a life jacket is, the more likely you will be to wear it, and this goes for other passengers, too.

Those who want to do offshore adventuring on their yachts will benefit from selecting life jackets which come with harnesses, as well as thigh strap features and auto-inflation features. As well, offshore yachting fans should seek out designs which come with spray hoods and lights. These high-tech and practical styles offer a range of protection, as well as sensible features which make the myriad tasks of offshore yachting easier to perform.

Regular Yacht Maintenance is Vital

Life jackets are important. However, establishing the seaworthiness of a yacht is also important. If it’s your own yacht, you’ll have control over when it’s maintained. You may record maintenance processes in a yacht safety log in order to keep things organized. This will make it easier to ensure that maintenance is being performed when it should be.

If you’re renting a charter yacht, ask to see maintenance records. A good yacht charter company will practice transparency with its clients by sharing this type of safety-related information. Be wary of yacht charter companies whose representatives are unwilling to share such data.

All systems on a yacht, from GPS electronics to engines to appliances, should be routinely inspected in order to ensure that they are in good working order. Attention to detail with regard to inspections (and making necessary repairs or replacements) is necessary and prudent.

Yachts are complex machines. They require a lot of upkeep. Good records which indicate superb upkeep are insurance against problems out on the water.

Stay Sober While On-board

Lastly, avoid drinking too much alcohol while on-board. Encourage others to drink in moderation as well. Even if you have a full crew of yachting professionals on-board, such as a yacht charter crew, you will need to be alert and sober in case there is an emergency of some sort.

Alcohol dulls the senses and slows reaction times. While you should relax and unwind on a yacht, you should always keep safety in the back of your mind. Ask yourself if what you are doing on-board will negatively impact your ability to take care of yourself in the event of trouble.

Yachting is a glorious way to escape. It’s a luxurious method of exploring the world’s most beautiful waterways and ports of call. By learning how to stay safe, you’ll boost your chances of enjoying the yachting expedition of a lifetime.