Day One: South Florida to Nassau

Start Your Bahamas Yacht Charter Traveling from South Florida to Nassau, aboard your luxury yacht. Upon arrival explore Nassau’s Old Town, which features a handful of museums, forts, local markets and fantastic local restaurants. At night you can experience Nassau’s nightlife at one of the dance clubs, or a timeless beach dive bar.

Day Two: Paradise Island

The Famous Atlantis Resort leaves something for everyone. Spend time at the impressive aquarium, and Water Park, or take an underwater tour of “The Dig” a theoretical version of the “Atlantis ruins”. Let’s not forget about the beautiful Casino, delicious restaurants, and entertaining comedy club. If that isn’t enough, you can make your way to One & Only Ocean Club and play a round at the 18-hole golf course over looking the ocean.

Day Three: Staniel Cay & Big Major

Home to about 100 residents, Staniel Cay has a plethora of secluded beaches with clear blue waters. A true getaway that anyone on a Bahamas yacht charter longs for. Furthermore Staniel is home to the famous Thunder ball Grotto where scenes from James Bond were filmed. Thunder Ball is one of the most magnificent snorkeling spots in the Bahamas. With several entrance and passageways snorkelers can swim in at low tide, and explore the natural basin whilst becoming one with the extensive array of beautiful fish.

After a brief ride north, spend the rest of the Day at Big Major Island. Home to the famous swimming pigs, Hog Beach is a must see. You will notice the wild pigs swimming through the surf to greet visitors. If you would like to feed them, be sure to bring some carrots or bread with you.

Day Four: Compass Cay

With only one full time resident, this small private island is one of the most unique cays within the Exumas. Countless people visit Compass Cay to swim with the rather friendly Nurse Sharks. Whether you’d like to snorkel or scuba dive it is the ideal place to encounter local aquatic life.  If staying dry is more ideal you can climb Compass Peak, explore Rachael’s Bubble Bath Lagoon, or visit Crescent Beach, with water so clear boats appear to be suspended in thin air.

Day Five: Shroud Cay

Owned by the Exuma Land and Sea Park, this Island has an exceptional nursery dedicated to a wide variety of Wildlife. Clear blue waterways and creeks twist and turn through Shroud Cay, which can be explored by dingy or Jet Ski.  The Mangroves are beaming with wildlife such as sea turtles, exotic birds, and tropical fish. Furthermore other sea life such as starfish, lobsters, and conch can be found.  If you are up to more snorkeling you could explore a plane that wrecked in the 1980’s.

Day Six: Highbourne Cay

With eight secluded beaches all in walking distance of Highborne Cay Marina, the island offers remarkable scenery and natural beauty that will leave a lasting impression. We can anchor off in the harbor, and play with the water sports equipment, go fishing, swimming, catch some conch, or explore the beaches. In the evening you can dine on board or have dinner at “Exuma’s Restaurant”. Between the food, the service, and the view “xumas Restaurant and Bar” is one of the best dinning experiences in the Bahamas.  (Reservations Required)

Day Seven: Allan’s Cay to South Florida

We will end our trip catching a glimpse of the Bahamian Rock Iguana, also called the Bahamian Dragon, due to their sheer size and dinosaur like features. This critically endangered species of Iguana have found a safe home in Allan’s cay and a couple islands in the Turks and Caicos. If you would like to try to get a photo with one of these tropical lizards you can bring some fruit ashore to feed them or you can appreciate them from afar.